Saturday, December 17, 2011


Anushka Sharma's bikini pictures creating a stir over net!

Image morphing isn’t a new case as far as Bollywood is concerned; every now and then we keep coming across some weird pics showcasing a beauty of town.

Now here too we have a catch, there are many in town who love exposing their beauty and for them a bold photo shoot is not a big deal. While for some it comes as a big blow to their image! If you remember in the past too we got to hear of some cases of image morphing and the targets out there were Sonakshi Sinha and Vidya Balan.

Both of them were showcased in a bikini, which as per many in town had nothing to do with the girls in real coz Vidya is considered to be a typical Bhartiya Nari and she normally stays away from such shoots. Even Sonakshi was said to have trapped in that. Well, we still don’t have any clue about that but yeah have got one more image of the same sort.

And this time it turned out to be Anushka Sharma. You can see how she has been portrayed in the bikini, though the girl has donned this skinny attire before but it was her very first experiment with the dress for the film “Badmaash Company”.

This bikini image of hers is creating lots of stir over internet and is grabbing out the eyeballs. God knows if this is actually her pic or she too has been targeted by the nasty group!

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